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Flexible Options to Suit Your Budget

There are a number of factors that can affect the total cost of your investment. For example, a ground burial plot on a hill or under a tree could be priced differently than a plot closer to the street. Similarly, a heart-level crypt or niche is priced differently than a crypt or niche near the ceiling or floor. Services on weekdays are typically priced differently than weekend services.

There are also a number of options with our burial, mausoleum and cremation services that you may or may not choose based on cost or personal preference. Any of these services and options can be combined. For example, if you prefer to be cremated and your spouse would like to be laid to rest in a mausoleum, we can accommodate both and you can still be together.

This flexibility is intentional. Our goal is not only to follow your exact wishes, but to provide affordable options as well. We believe in total transparency and are happy to show you a complete pricing list.

The Value of Pre-Planning

When most people come to the end, they don’t know where to begin. Pre-planning your final arrangements allows you to make thoughtful, educated decisions without pressure and stress. Learn your options. Do your research. Evaluate the costs. Make sure you’re comfortable with your choices.

Most importantly, pre-planning your final arrangements removes a significant emotional and financial burden from your loved ones. Think of pre-planning as one last gift to those you’ll be leaving behind.

Call us to schedule a guided tour and discuss the pre-planning process.

Zero-Interest Financing

We don’t believe anyone’s final arrangements should be compromised due to financial limitations. Somerset Hills offers financing options that allow you to pay over time with no interest.

Please call or visit for more information.

Maintenance and Preservation

There is no monthly maintenance fee for lot owners, and your loved ones won’t have to worry about the upkeep of your final place of rest. Ever.

Our board of managers created the Somerset Hills Memorial Park Maintenance and Preservation Fund many years ago to ensure that our grounds and facilities will never be allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. The New Jersey Cemetery Board also requires the following to be deposited into this fund:

  • 10 percent of the cost of a crypt or niche.

  • 15 percent of the cost of a grave.

  • An additional 3 percent contribution at the time of need.

To be clear, these are not additional charges. These are statutorily required contributions from the fees you pay for our services. Thanks to decades of careful management and sound investments, our Maintenance and Preservation Fund is large enough to maintain the property for decades and generations to come. When you choose Somerset Hills Memorial Park and Mausoleum as your final resting place, you’ll feel confident that our property will always be impeccably maintained.

All pricing is reviewed annually. We’re happy to show and discuss pricing options with total transparency.

Call us to schedule a guided tour and let us address any concerns or questions you may have.

Call us to schedule a guided tour of our memorial park, mausoleum and crematory and learn more about our services.

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