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75 Acres of Natural Beauty and Serenity

There is no more beautiful setting for a traditional ground burial than the mature trees and lush green lawns of Somerset Hills. Because we have so much land, you have the freedom to choose your final resting place, whether you prefer to be on a hillside, under a special tree, or near the American flag or a monument.

Because a memorial park uses bronze markers set into the ground rather than headstones, many people who drive by Somerset Hills don’t realize just how large our cemetery is. We have plenty of room across our well-maintained grounds to accommodate family plots of up to four graves. With more families spread out across different parts of the country, our memorial park makes it possible to preserve your family heritage and bring everyone back together to one final resting place.

In addition to thousands of bronze markers, we have large monuments throughout the memorial park, including our Veterans Memorial and a large open bible. For those who are considering cremation but prefer an outdoor setting, we’ve created lovely urn gardens with seating for visitors, surrounded by finely manicured landscaping.


Veterans Memorial

We have a Veterans Memorial on the south wall of the mausoleum, and another directly across that section of the mausoleum in our memorial park, where you’ll find the American flag and a large monument. All branches of the armed services are represented. We also host Memorial Day services each year and place flags at the bronze markers of all veterans. We’re honored to be able to give back to veterans and families who have sacrificed so much.


Maintenance and Preservation

Have you ever visited or driven by a cemetery and seen someone who appears to be a family member or friend pulling weeds or cleaning up debris from a grave site? That doesn’t happen at Somerset Hills. Our Maintenance and Preservation Fund more than covers the upkeep of our grounds and facilities, both inside and outside. A percentage of the fees for graves, crypts, niches and other services is automatically contributed to this fund as required by legal statute.

We do not charge maintenance fees for this service, and we certainly don’t burden loved ones with ongoing maintenance responsibilities.

Understanding the Language

Unlike a traditional cemetery, a memorial park has no headstones. A bronze marker for each grave site is placed level with the ground, allowing the memorial to blend into the beauty of the natural landscape. Both caskets and urns can be buried beneath a bronze memorial. A family plot is comprised of the grave sites of up to four family members and can also include buried caskets, urns, or a combination of both.

Call us to schedule a guided tour of our memorial park, mausoleum and crematory and learn more about our services.

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